Prabowo's Government: Synergizing and Forging Ideas with Megawati, SBY, Jokowi for Success

By: Prof. Dr. Drs. Ermaya Suradinata, S.H., M.H., M.Si.

Editor: Dhania Puspa Purbasari

Governance is a complex process, requiring wisdom, vision and broad support to achieve success. In Indonesia, the effectiveness and efficiency of governance depends not only on the wise decisions of its leaders, but also on the active engagement of various parties in a productive exchange of ideas and cooperation.

The exchange of ideas between political leaders is an important key in shaping policies that are relevant to the needs of the communities. The most prominent political figure in Indonesia, Megawati Soekarnoputri, with extensive experience in state leadership, can provide valuable insights into the evolving political dynamics.

The synergy between the newly elected President Prabowo and the 5th President of Indonesia, Mrs. Megawati Soekarnoputri, certainly creates a platform to combine their visions and experiences in formulating policies that are oriented towards the welfare of the people.

Mrs. Megawati Sukarnoputri, as an influential political figure in Indonesia, has a key role in shaping the political and social direction of the country. As Chairperson of PDI Perjuangan, she not only boasts a political presence, but also has experience in leading the country.

So consulting with her is not just an option, but a very important step for the newly elected president Prabowo Subianto, to understand the dynamics of national politics. Her experience in interacting with the public allows her to provide deep insights into the needs and aspirations of the people.

This can clearly help Mr. Prabowo to formulate geopolitical policies that are in line with the spirit of Pancasila democracy. Political collaboration between both Mr. Prabowo and Mrs. Megawati can also help solve complex challenges at the lowest level in Indonesia, strengthen the foundations of democracy, and achieve progress together.

Similarly, a conversation with the sixth President of Indonesia, Mr. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY), could provide a valuable perspective on the challenges and opportunities facing the country. The experience of Mr Yudhoyono’s administration in building economic and political stability can serve as a source of inspiration for the new administration of Mr. Prabowo in designing an inclusive and sustainable geopolitical stabilization and development strategy.

The 6th Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, who is also the Chairman of the Democrat Party’s High Council, is not only an influential figure, but also a valuable source of knowledge for Mr. Prabowo. His experience in politics and government provides Mr. Prabowo with important insights into national and international issues.

Collaboration with Mr. Yudhoyono can strengthen the legitimacy of Mr. Prabowo’s government and broaden his political support base. It is important for him to secure mutually beneficial partnerships and respect the diverse views within his political coalition. This collaboration has great potential to build a stable government that is capable of addressing future challenges.

Also, the involvement of Mr. Joko Widodo (Jokowi), the current 7th President of Indonesia, in the exchange of ideas with newly elected President Prabowo Subianto can create a positive momentum to strengthen the transition to political stability and economic growth in Indonesia. The synergy between both Mr. Prabowo and Mr. Jokowi in building a shared vision for the country’s future can have a positive impact on national and regional development of ASEAN and the World.

Mr. Jokowi, as President, is not only a political leader, but also has a deep understanding of Indonesia’s challenges. The recent dialogue with him has given Mr. Prabowo critical insights into the wisdom of the past. Their cooperation is a strategic step in building the foundation for Indonesia’s future towards Indonesia 2045, creating a conducive political environment. Mr. Jokowi is not only the current leader; he is also a valuable source of knowledge for other political figures. His advice helps Mr. Prabowo to formulate effective policies and bring political stability for the betterment of Indonesia.

By inviting national figures (as well as political figures), statesmen from across the ideological spectrum to join hands, Indonesia can move towards the much-desired political reconciliation. These initial steps are crucial to reducing political polarization that can become an obstacle in the development process.

When national leaders (and political figures) with diverse views come together to solve the challenges facing the country, they carry an important message about the importance of unity in diversity.

So the efforts of Mr. Prabowo’s geostrategy to build synergy with these national figures and seek their advice is a smart move to strengthen the incoming government. Through close harmonious collaboration between political leaders, Indonesia has the potential to achieve greater progress in creating a just, prosperous and globally competitive society.

This step is vital to achieve greater legitimacy in the eyes of the people and the world as Indonesia becomes a developed country. There is an understanding that political legitimacy is not only derived from the election results of the largest number of votes, but also supported by broad support from the community and recognition from various parties, which are the main pillars in a political culture which is anchored on the democratic Pancasila.

By building harmonious relationships with influential political leaders, the presidency of Mr. Prabowo’s era is able to demonstrate its commitment to collaboration and acceptance of various inputs in the policy formulation process. Not only that, such cooperation also has the potential to broaden the political base of his presidency, creating a sense of inclusiveness that is necessary for the formation of policies that can be accepted by various levels of society.

However, it must also be realized that building relationships with political figures is not the ultimate goal, but rather the first step in gaining strong support from the public. In addition, Mr. Prabowo must ensure that every policy he makes is in line with the needs and aspirations of the community as a whole.

Thus, establishing solid relationships with national and political leaders is a crucial strategic step for the presidency of Mr. Prabowo in strengthening legitimacy and implementing effective policies, in order to realize the welfare and progress of the country.

Prof. Dr. Drs Ermaya Suradinata, S.H., M.H., M.Si. is the former Governor of Lemhannas RI (2001-2005) and Director General of Social Politics of the Ministry of Home Affairs (1998-2000). The current Rector/Governor of IPDN, he is the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Center for Geopolitics & Geostrategy Studies Indonesia.